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Discover MonitGlass, the cutting-edge solution for seamlessly managing your glass production facility. From handling monoliths to VSG, laminates, and insulated glazing units, our system streamlines every aspect of the manufacturing process. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to enhanced productivity with MonitGlass. Elevate your glass production to new heights today!

Our system will assist in generating quotes, orders, and labels with QR codes, ensuring a smooth flow of information between the office and production.

It also guarantees instant quote pricing.

  • Provides a schedule of production orders.

  • Eliminates the need for unnecessary paper use both in the office and in production.

Additionally, it allows for monitoring the progress of work on an order without the need to go to production. Efficient management of material and processing costs. It is a top-class program for glass and insulated glass units.

  • All customer information is stored in one place.

  • The order search function becomes indispensable, especially in situations when customers call.

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